XTH Sense’s expanded functionality reaching new audiences

XTH Sense’s expanded functionality reaching new audiences

The past weeks have been quite packed for our XTH Team. We have been working on two major presentations: a large-scale participatory concert by co-founder Marco Donnarumma in collaboration with spatial sound innovators 4DSOUND; and a presentation/pitch by co-founder Heidi Boisvert at THNK FSTVL, a think-tank of creative leaders focused on social change and forward-thinking solutions to the most pressing issues of our century.

Marco’s new work, entitled 0-Infinity, was commissioned by 4DSOUND in occasion of the launch of their 24h program Circadian, which premiered at TodaysArt Festival in The Hague. The ambitious program curated by 4DSOUND brought together world-renown artists to create new works that prompted reflection on the relation of sound, light, physiology and sound affect. Marco created an unstable system that, by amplifying the heartbeat and blood flow of visitors and their movements in space, created an intense and entraining communal experience of sound and light.


The work was realized during a residency at 4DSOUND’s new HQ in Budapest. There, Marco together with the 4DSOUND team, interfaced the new wireless XTH Sense with the original spatial sound algorithms created by 4DSOUND. Salient features of muscle sounds and blood flow sounds were mapped to the dimensions of multiple sound sources, while the 9-degrees-of-freedom from the XTH Sense’s accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer were mapped to the movement of those sound sources in space. It was particularly interesting to experience how the infrasound and low frequencies produced by the human body and amplified by the XTH Sense could be spatialized across the studio, roughly 300sqm, in a way that was clearly perceivable to the listener. This is rather uncommon, because the significant length of infrasound and low frequency waves make them more difficult to localize in space than the frequencies in the mid-high end of the human hearing spectrum. During the premiere at TodaysArt Festival, the combination of the unique 4DSOUND speakers and algorithms with the original bioacoustic wireless technology of the XTH Sense proved an efficient solution to the dynamic spatialization of infra- and low-frequency sounds; this, coupled with a composition of deep drones and high-powered lighting rig made the final experience of 0-Infinity become something quite special, something that comes immediately through by looking at the pictures above (courtesy of Fanni Fazakas and Georg Schroll).


Meanwhile, Heidi pitched the XTH Sense to a packed house at the inaugural THNK FSTVL in Amsterdam. The positive response was overwhelming. When she asked how many people would be interested in beta-testing the XTH Sense, the entire room raised their hand. After the pitch, a number of people came up to suggest unexpected uses for the XTH Sense, from unique security signatures to healing trauma in Africa. The attendees also showed a great interest in supporting our mission to bring the XTH Sense to different industry sectors, such as fashion and gaming. The experience confirmed that we’re onto something BIG!



  1. Hi,
    I think the XTH looks really interesting. When do you have a product that I could buy and do you know what kind of price range it would be in?
    Best regards,
    Andreas Bergsland

    • Hi Andreas, great to hear you’re interested, the new XTH Sense will be available on Kickstarter around March, we will notify first the community through our newsletter, and then the public. If you want I can take down your contact, or you can stay in touch with us by subscribing to the newsletter yourself at the link above.

      Price depends a lot on the amount of requests we have, so I can’t say precisely right now, but surely less than $200. We will have early bird XTH Sense at a much lower price for those who buy it on the first day of the Kickstarter.

      We are working to keep it as low as possible without compromising its quality and performance. If we get requests for 500 units, for instance, the price could decrease by almost a half. That’s what we aim for.

      • I’m shkecod that I found this info so easily.

      • Dear Mary,I think it’s great that you can get a speaker to come in on this subject. And you are right, knowing is only a part of it. The rest has to come with doing and protecting.Dear Inger,I also struggle with issues of trust when it comes to my daughter. If I can feel reassured, it helps me let her have new experiences. Damn terrible statistic this issue is.~Deb

  2. Hi,
    I’m a french guy, so sorry for my english!!!!
    I subscribe to your list today .
    I’m really interested by Xth sense and I follow 4DSsound evolution too.
    How far from the computer is it possible to be with a xth sense and be still connected ?
    Is it possible to use xth sense with a daw like Ableton live?
    Thanks for your answers and I whish you succes with xth senses.
    Best regards.

    • Hi Yves!

      great to hear about your interest!

      The max. distance is 15m, if there are a lot of people and/or metal objects in between the transmitter and the receiver you may have to stay within 10m.

      Ableton live: YES! You just load the XTH Sense instrument in Live and you get all the data to map to anything else :)

      see a gif of the plugin for Live here:

      you can support the production of the XTH Sense on our crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter here:

      there’s just a week left,
      help us bring the XTH Sense to the world :)



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