Our Story

XTH was founded by Marco Donnarumma and Heidi Boisvert with a bold vision to bring creative and open biotechnologies to everyone.
But this idea did not just happen overnight. It was born with a seed that then cross-pollinated with other seeds, and has been nurtured through care, commitment and a growing community for the past five years.

Marco Donnarumma, an internationally renown performer and musician, created the Xth Sense as his personal musical instrument and soon after made it free and open source enabling other artists to use it in new ways. Marco has performed with the Xth Sense in hundreds of concerts and taught over 30 workshops throughout the world. It was in New York City that Marco and Heidi met.

Heidi Boisvert, a groundbreaking new media artist working for social change through games, transmedia experiences, augmented reality apps, and immersive theatre, proposed alternative ways to expand the Xth Sense into other genres to attract new audiences. The connection between Marco and Heidi was immediate and together, they envisioned XTH as a means to enable new and inclusive modes of expression.

“Today, we can track all kinds of data from the body.
But the body is NOT only data.
It’s vibration.
It’s physical.
It’s about resonance and shared human experience.”

Marco Donnarumma and Heidi Boisvert

Co-founders, XTH


September 2010 – Marco begins to focus his musical and research practice on the ways in which the physicality of a musician can directly affect an electronic musical instrument.


February 2011– Marco creates the original Xth Sense musical instrument and with it conceives a new way of playing music using sounds from the internal body, what he terms, Biophysical Music.


February 2012 – Marco is selected to perform at the prestigious Margaret Guthman New Musical Instrument Competition, where is awarded the first prize and the Xth Sense is named the “world’s most innovative new musical instrument”.


April 2012 – Marco and Heidi meet at an Xth Sense workshop at Harvestworks in New York City and their collaboration begins.


September 2012 – Marco completes his research thesis on the Xth Sense and Biophysical Music at the University of Edinburgh.


December 2102 – Marco and Heidi receive the Creativity + Technology = Enterprise (CTE) Award from Harvestworks through funds from the Rockefeller Foundation to make a new work using the Xth Sense conceived by Heidi,  [radical] signs of life, and to commercialize the Xth Sense.


January 2013 – Heidi begins the production of [radical] signs of life with the collaboration of Marco, the dance company Double Vision, and a host of other creative minds.


May 2013 – During the realization of [radical] signs of life, the original Xth Sense is extended into a wireless prototype with the engineering skills of MJ Caselden.


September 2013 – Marco wins the Transitio New Media Art Award for Nigredo, an installation work created with the Xth Sense.


April 2014 – Marco and Heidi start to gather the XTH team, that will expand the wireless prototype into a market-ready instrument.


June 2014 – XTH is founded & publicly launched at the Sónar Festival in Barcelona as feature sponsor of the Music Hack Day.


November 2014 – Marco wins the CYNETART Prize for Computer-Based Arts for Nigredo, an installation work created with the Xth Sense.


December 2014 – Design and development of the market-ready version of the Xth Sense begins with our amazing team!


Summer 2015 – The final version of the new Xth Sense will be launched!

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