Be Biocreative: How will you use the XTH Sense?

Be Biocreative: How will you use the XTH Sense?

Wow! March has been like a time warp. We’ve been having lots of fun driving around Berlin, London and New York gathering case studies of musicians, researchers, animators, dancers, virtual reality creators, even kids, using the XTH Sense to enable us to better understand the various ways our community might interface with our new biocreative instrument.


We’ve come away pleasantly surprised and genuinely heart-warmed by all the ingenious ways people envision integrating the XTH Sense into their creative and research practice.

One thing all the interviews had in common was a sense of awe and wonder when they heard their raw muscles sounds with headphones for the first time as they began to slowly move and re-attune themselves with their bodies.

For composer & cellist Illay Chester, experimenting with XTH Sense was “very curious, like entering a different dimension, a whole new world, and its right there inside of you.”  Dancer, Susanne Eder, was amazed that the instrument could make the tiniest movement of her muscles perceptible, which restored “an open and natural child-like sense of play” to her often over-disciplined practice. And researcher, Pedro Lopes, observed that in contrast to the barriers he typically encounters with other tracking or biomedical devices, it was refreshing that “everything is completely transparent, and you can dig into any layer of the raw data and code.”  Here’s what media & sound artist, Andrew Demerjian had to say:

Over the next few weeks, leading up to Kickstarter, we’ll be announcing two great opportunities for our community to shape the future of the XTH Sense.

Be on the look out for a short survey next week to help us set the price, determine the most important features and communicate your needs for the XTH Platform.

Even more exciting, we’ll be running a contest, starting this Friday, where you have a chance to win a free XTH Sense!

The contest is simple, Sci Fi and fun!  We’ll ask you to take a photo with your phone, then post it on instagram with the hashtag #bebiocreative & #xthsense.

Here’s the challenge: Imagine your heartbeat, muscle sound and body motion are superpowers that let you change something in the world. What would you create?

It doesn’t have to be real, or possible (well, at least just yet), let your imagination roam free and surprise us!!

For example, our bioengineer friend, Mirela Alistar, below, took up the challenge and envisioned using the XTH Sense to control smoke emissions from factories polluting our cities!

#biocreative #xthsense #enviromentalninja.


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