The XTH Sense consists of:

  • The XTH Sense wireless wearable, in two colours: pearl white or obsidian black
  • The XTH Software Suite, professional for experts and easy to use for beginners
  • The XTH Platform, our community hub

All of this works smoothly on Mac OSX, Windows and Linux.  

When you wear the XTH Sense an array of biosensors captures 7 types of signals from your body: 1) The sound of your muscles contracting when you move 2) The sound of the heart beating 3) The sound of the blood flowing 4) Temperature 5) Motion 6) Orientation 7) Rotation  
The XTH Sense transmits the sound and data wirelessly over radio frequency to communicate with the XTH Software Suite on your laptop. To use the data creatively, all you need to do is launch our plug & play application, or load our plugins in your favorite music, video or creative coding software.  
Our intelligent algorithms crunch the data from your body and extract the distinctive characteristics of your movement and inner bodily processes, like movement dynamics, muscular energy and temperature changes. These are the expressive features of your body.
Using the graphical interface of the XTH Software Suite you can easily link your body’s expressive features and raw data to digital content. You can control musical parameters,create digital drawings, interact with game mechanics and play in virtual reality (VR) with your body.    
On the XTH Platform, our community web hub, you can share your projects with other XTH Sense users across the world, and find new software applications for the XTH Sense. If you are an expert, you can also offer your skills for hire on the Platform, so others in need can benefit from your expertise, and you can get paid for your work.      

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We aim to lower the barriers to entry to interactive music and biotechnology for music professionals, researchers, educators and families alike.

Open and inclusive

We come from the makers revolution first inspired by the Arduino. We are taking the movement to the next level by opening the wearable market with an expressive open technology that creators, scientists, teachers, health care professionals and families can love, repurpose and help us evolve.

Made with love

We are a team of creatives, researchers, engineers and designers with decades of experience. We have been developing this project for over 5 years because we love it. It is a piece of our life and we decided to share it with you in the most open way we could. Together, let’s choose what happens next.

Top tech, affordable

After years of published research, we bring you cutting-edge wearable biotechnology at the highest standards and accessible prices. We are not simply selling a product, we want to create new ways of thinking about creativity and our bodies. We are out to change the future and we want you to do it with us.
“It’s the kind of brain-to-machine, body-to-interaction interface most of us associate with science fiction, and it’s poised now to blow wide open for music – open as in free and open source.” Peter Kirn

Chief Editor, Create Digital Music

“It’s great that someone has brought back the whole bio-sensor instruments into a more musically interesting and contemporary context, one that it’s convincing to today’s audiences.” Dj Sniff

Turntablists and improviser



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